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The King´s Speech 

Tom Hooper / Britain / 2010

A Bioethical Approach, or What the Cinema Teaches us About Stuttering
por Michel Fariña, Juan Jorge
[1] We are starting this talk with the screening of a fragment of Slavoj Zizek’s film. In a way it is about how we see, how we read films. One way of entering into this conceptual complexity is through film fragments. In barely ten minutes memorable scenes from The Exorcist, Alien and especially Chaplin’s Great Dictator, are paraded across the screen, to immerse us in act into the scenario we wish to cover today. The subject is the question of voice, the emission of the human voice, and which, as Zizek points out, is mediated by the erotic vicissitudes of the body. Stuttering should be placed here. Our second introductory reference shall be the recent comment made on the film which appeared in PsycCRITIQUES, the American Psychological Association’s electronic database, signed by Nina Ghiselli and Gina Davis. [2] The article, while it praises the aesthetic proposal, the work of the actors, etc, it points out that the merits exist “(…) despite the incongruities between The King’s Speech and what we now know about the origins of stuttering and its treatment”. In other words, for the authors the film shows incongruities concerning what we know today about the origins and treatment of stuttering. This is a possible road: Psychology judging the film in terms of what is right or wrong regarding our knowledge of a certain pathology. We, on the other hand, will be taking another road: we shall ask ourselves what the film teaches us, in this case about a speech disorder, an accident of communication, an inhibition. In other words, at what point can fiction come to modify our evidence. “Voice of the horse” Let’s start with the screening of the first sequence of the film – a (...) [see more]
PhD Course: Bioethics and Human Rights Through Films
Bioethics and Human Rights: a study of the declaration UNESCO 2005 through the cinema and other expressions of contemporary culture and thought. Organized by University of Buenos Aires under the auspicious of Iberoamerican Ecobioethics Network. The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Consacrated to (...) [see more]

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A paralel between House M.D. and Alain Badiou: The Illness as a Situation
por Michel Fariña, Juan Jorge
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